Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Not about LSD! But I guess you probably know the story, about little Julian Lennon and his school friend Lucy, and his father John’s amazing ability to find song ideas in literally anything including children’s school drawings, and the fan population’s habit of finding secret messages where none are intended to be. Lucy O’Donnell was a real person (she has since passed away) and she confirmed that Julian Lennon did indeed draw a portrait of her in the sky with diamonds, and presented it to his father the very same day. The elder Lennon found the image reminiscent of Alice’s adventures Through the Looking Glass, and wanted to pay a little homage to Lewis Carroll, who he was a big fan of. That he was also a big fan of LSD and frequently payed homage to it on purpose was purely a coincidence he claimed not to have noticed until someone pointed it out some time afterwards. Cute story.


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