Lucky Day

Do you ever have those moments when you hear a new song and you feel suddenly disoriented because it reminds you so much of something but you simply can’t figure out what that something is, then you realize that that something doesn’t exist, it’s just that this new song is so good it feels like something you’ve already loved forever? Doesn’t happen very often, but it’s a sure sign you’ve just heard something great. Mick Jagger’s Goddess in the Doorway gave me those feels, this track especially. Mick Jagger, of course, isn’t exactly a new artist and has decades of reference points behind him. Everything he does will inevitably in some way be referable to something he’s done in the past. When you’ve been in the pop game as long as Jagger, you could be living in a cave influenced by nothing but the sound of bats and people will still call you self-referential, or worse. Nonetheless, the feeling of ‘why hasn’t this always been there for me?’ is strong with this one.


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