Nick Cave has claimed that he and The Bad Seeds hate making videos. However, they’ve made some very good ones (as well as some so awful there’s nothing to do but laugh.) Enough videos for a compilation DVD, which besides being a great collection of songs, is highly recommended for the droll commentary the artist gives for each offering. Cute story: for the Loverman video, Cave thought it would be a cool idea to have himself and the band submit to a professional hypnotist and film what happens.  It was, by all accounts, a creepy and unpleasant experience. That footage, interspersed with some concert clips, is what you see in the video, and I’d say it’s suitably  uncanny. The practice of hypnosis has always been a shady, quasi-scientific carnival side-show enterprise that gives many people the heebie-jeebies, despite the fact that it’s used for therapeutic purposes by many presumably perfectly legit practitioners. The idea is simply a disturbing one, and obviously, the power of hypnotic suggestion can easily be misused by the unscrupulous. So there’s something queasy about seeing hypnotized subjects, vulnerable and unconscious, going through even the most harmless and mundane tasks given to them. Which is, of course, exactly the effect a Nick Cave video needs.


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