Hey, remember when Lady Gaga was just doing generic sexy ass-shaking videos bereft of deep meaning? Weren’t those the days? Actually, I feel ambivalent about it. On one hand, there are more than enough mindless booty videos from lesser artists than Gaga, and I prefer my pop stars to have ideas in their heads, even if those ideas don’t always make sense or work out the way the artist wants them to. On the other hand, it seems that Lady Gaga has so much going on in her head that she’s distracted from the actual basic foundation of her popularity, which would be making pop music in its purest escapist form. The sheer euphoric popness of Gaga’s pop doesn’t really need the support of epic concepts; those are just window dressing. I like the artiness that she wants to bring into the pop realm, but not at the expense of simplicity and pleasure. So it’s a double edged sword, obviously, giving an ambitious artist free reign to follow their every whimsy. Gaga is in danger of not substantiating her fashion statements, though it’s clear she has the ability to do so.


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