Love Street

I see you live on Love Street…

This is, by Jim Morrison standards, an uncharacteristically cute and lighthearted song. Morrison didn’t usually have much in interest in anything as conventional as love songs, but even he wasn’t entirely  immune. It’s true that he wrote this one about his life with longtime partner Pamela Courson, although their actual street was the much more prosaically named Rothdell Trail. I’ve read that the reason Morrison nicknamed their address ‘Love Street’ was because the neighborhood was a popular hangout for ‘love children’ aka hippies, a group Morrison didn’t have a terribly high opinion of. Courson also owned a small boutique in the area, which is what  “the store where the creatures meet” is in reference to. Despite the idyllic imagery brought to mind by the song, Jim and Pamela’s relationship was notoriously tempestuous, marked by frequent rows, separations, heavy drinking, and of course, both of their eventual drug related deaths. At one point Morrison even went through some kind of pagan blood marriage ceremony with another woman, but at the time of his death he and Courson were making plans to wed and had applied for – but never fully completed – a marriage license. Clearly, both were volatile and troubled people, who probably didn’t bring out the best in each other and weren’t a good long term match, but it seems they had enough good times to inspire at least one gooey-eyed love song.


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