Love Itself

“Love went on and on, until it reached an open door, then love itself was gone”

You’d think that being depressing and uplifting at the same time would be impossible, but Leonard Cohen not only does just that, he does it so well it’s basically his calling card. So much of the experience of love, from start to finish, is tied up in the mundane details of what two people do together; the dinner plans, the conflicting work schedules, the shared Facebook updates, the damp spot on the bed. Those are the everyday things our memories are tied up in, and that’s fine. But sometimes we need reminding that there are other ways of thinking about our emotional experiences. We could view the feelings that we go through in the course of a love affair as a spiritual exercise. Maybe there’s some bigger lessons to be learned than the usual petty grudges that pile up and continue to nag us. Pettiness and self-pity and finger-pointing are inevitable, as every love affair grinds into the endgame. At some point, though, it’s worth thinking deeply about what it does to your soul; have you learned something that might make you a little bit better somehow or are you indulging in the kind of thinking that only serves to rub salt on your wounds and leave you with even bigger scars?


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