Love is a Rose

Neil Young is officially the patron saint of this summer. Call it the Summer of Young. I’ve been a fan for a long time, of course, and I recall a time, somewhere in the late 90’s, when Decade was my favorite record to listen to while I played Tetris. There may also have been a childhood Buffalo Springfield phase. It just feels like right now, at this juncture in my life, Neil Young is everywhere. I keep hearing his songs every place I go. Is old Neil suddenly fashionable? His voice seems to be streaming out of every bar patio in town. What better song to have a soul crushing psychotic breakdown to than Down By The River? And what better words to live by than Only Love Can Break Your Heart? It’s been a terrible summer, one of the worst on record yet, and at times like these, the mind is weirdly open and pliable. And I keep walking into Neil Young songs when I’m at my most vulnerable. And it’s usually the right ones. Maybe I’m just paying more attention to Young because I just read his memoir, which definitely made me want to spend more time listening to his music. Why that was the book I picked up and started reading, and why the time that I was reading it turned out to be a turning point in my life, I don’t know. Cosmic coincidence, I guess. A lucky one, I’d say. I’m better off turning to Neil Young in a crisis than Nick Cave or Amy Winehouse, as I have in the past. Sign of newfangled maturity? Perhaps. Or just the universe being random again. On that note, did you know that Neil Young has a Tumblr? That he uses sporadically to record his dreams and post pictures of squirrels? If you submit a picture of a squirrel, Neil Young will personally post it on his Tumblr. I can tell it’s legit because it’s written in the same adorably discombobulated style as the book. So, obviously, knowing about the squirrel blog, how could you not be fan?


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