Love is a Battlefield

Love is a cheesy 80’s music video about prostitutes. Pat Benatar is best known for having a string of hits that feel ’empowering’ in an extremely vague, non-specific way. There isn’t really anything particularly empowering about a hooker having a dance-off with a sleazy john in a dive bar, nor does it have any thematic overlap with the song itself. Benatar would have served herself better if she’d made a video that even slightly touched upon the concept of love. It is, after all, a song about love, and it’s actually a pretty astute assessment. I’m not sure how much of a positive role model Pat Benatar really is; I don’t know much about her besides her handful of big hits, but her basic persona seems to be that of a tough cookie who won’t be whipped. Her uncowed attitude says more than her somewhat nonsensical lyrics. I suppose that presenting herself as anything other than a submissive doormat is a step in the right direction, especially for the timeframe. 


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