Love Interruption

This is clearly the work of a man who has just gone through a nasty divorce. Jack White’s separation from Karen Elson started out amicable but soon turned vicious as it made its way through court. Elson has explained that the animosity was the work of overzealous attorneys on both sides, who took advantage of the couple’s vulnerable state. Their legal issues settled, Jack and Karen are now on good terms again. However, it obviously can’t have been easy, and even the most mutually agreed upon breakup is bound to be traumatic. Although it would be coldhearted to wish that kind of pain on anyone, the benefit of going through a hard breakup, for artists at least, is that many will find the inspiration to produce work they couldn’t have come up with when they were happy. From their pain comes universal benefit. I am, of course, deeply sorry for Jack’s pain in ending his marriage. But for everyone, the pain eventually heals itself, and it’s the blessing of a creative artist to turn that experience into work that in turn helps others salve their own pain. Jack White has already produced so many meaningful and life-changing songs, but I think this one is a particularly important addition to his gallery. It’s one of the best expressions ever written of the exact state of mind we all fall into when we’re heartbroken; angry and bitter, sorry for ourselves, hurting all over, and ready to crawl back for more pain.


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