Love in the Afternoon

Here’s something I really can’t relate to. I’ve never been involved in an extramarital affair. Having never been married is half the battle on that, but I’ve also never been involved with a married man either. There’s still time for me on both of those things, but it’s something I’ve always avoided as distasteful. I suppose, however, that some people consider it quite the forbidden fruit and extramarital diddling, like many other things, has been inexplicably romanticized. For which you can blame songs like this one, though it’s hardly Marianne Faithfull’s fault for making it sound so tantalizing. People are just tantalized by anything off-limits, especially when it’s presented by a sexy lady with very few fucks left to give. In context of Faithfull’s oeuvre, I’m guessing it’s a bit of a revisit of the character of Lucy Jordan, wherein the singer imagines herself as a settled suburbanite but can’t see herself being happy. This housewife hasn’t gone insane, or perhaps she has been successfully rehabilitated, but she still can’t stay satisfied with her nice life. It’s the drive to add a little danger to life, and the sexiness of having a secret.


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