Looking at the Invisible Man

One of my favorite of Jack White’s many eccentricities is his habit of performing and filming all his new material at Third Man. Of course he also doesn’t allow amateur filming or photography at his shows, which is a losing battle. I am, as an amateur photographer, all in favor of amateur photography at shows, and not allowing such things is increasingly impossible to enforce. Even Jack White is going to eventually realize he’s just being Quixotic to no end. On the other hand the absence of decent documentation of shows needs to be addressed. It’s fantastic that White takes the time to make sure at least one show gets thoroughly well documented for posterity. The Dead Weather haven’t offered any new material in a long time and don’t seem to be planning anything; who knows, they may never congregate again. So it is important that their amazing live energy doesn’t go forgotten. You may not ever get to see them play this song in person, but this is the next best thing.


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