Lookin’ Out My Back Door

And now for something upbeat. This has a nice old-timey honky-tonk feel to it. One of the things about Creedence is their knack for sounding old-timey without sounding old-fashioned. There’s a fine distinction between those two things and it’s easy to fall on the wrong side. Though old-fashioned is not necessarily that bad of a thing to sound like; it’s better than just plain sounding like crap, for one thing.  I would define it as the copying of old traditional styles without bringing any originality to it, just meticulous copying for its own sake. Whereas what I mean by sounding old-timey in this case is evoking old traditions and being original at the same time. CCR is a great example of a band skilled at evoking all sorts of traditions but still sounding very unique. On the other hand, being very good at sounding old-fashioned is preferable to being lousy at sounding modern. Or that sin of sins, being faux-olde-fashioned in an ironic way.


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