Day: July 25, 2014

Look Over Your Shoulder

hey-carrie-anne:</p><br /><br /> <p>Jackie Magazine, November 25th, 1967<br /><br /><br />


Alan Price, formerly of The Animals, has had a solo career I have very little idea about, besides having the impression that a lot of it was a bit twee. (I could be wrong.) However, he does have one undisputed masterpiece that I can heartily recommend; the soundtrack to the film O Lucky Man! That picture, starring a very young Malcolm McDowell, I most heartily do not recommend. It is a nightmare-inducing modern-day Candide, in which absurd and horrific misadventures befall the hapless hero for absolutely no reason besides making the point that, yes, life is absurd and horrific for absolutely no reason. Despite all that, Alan Price did cook up some really terrific tunes for the occasion, and I love the soundtrack just as much as I hate the movie. Price’s songs are perfectly suited to the tone of the film; they are misleadingly chipper. They sound like happy upbeat tunes that you could tap-dance to, but with dark, pessimistic lyrics. The movie’s point, as much as there is one, is something to do with the ironies of fate, and the music makes that same point more succinctly. It illustrates the way a positive first impression can often hide much darker ¬†things lying just below, whether with people, situations, or peppy little songs.