Look Good In Blue

“If it’s alright with you, I could give you some head and shoulders to lie on”

Oh, naughty Debbie, I see what you did there. As if Debbie Harry wasn’t already a natural born sex-bomb all the time, this is one of her steamiest lyrics. Because she is the glamour goddess that she is, she doesn’t need to write anything overtly sexy. She’s not the trying-too-hard type, and I think you know what that type is. You know, people who think being sexy is its own end and a suitable substitute for basic aspects like talent or personality. Debbie Harry never presented herself as overly sexy – just enough sexy, not trying too hard. Nor has she ever used her songs and lyrics to make herself appear more desirable. She doesn’t like to brag, I guess. Quite the opposite; she often writes about feeling jilted and sad. So it’s kind of unusual to hear her play around with such blatantly sexy lyrics, even though it’s in a joking way. It’s a pretty clever pun, and she pulls it off like a class act.


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