Look Back In Anger

Don’t look back in anger, is that the message? Or is that you should, or you can’t help it? Maybe it’s that you can’t help it even as it destroys you. Bowie is going with a Dorian Gray theme in the video. I haven’t read the story of Dorian Gray, so I’m not entirely sure what it means, but I think there’s some lesson to be learned about vanity and hubris. In David Bowie’s hands, I guess the lesson is about being destroyed by your own art. Bowie is very interested in going mad and the various ways people do so. Creativity and madness being linked in bizarre and oft unfortunate ways, whether you’re driven to create by your madness or the other way around. Who knows. Either way, in this case, I don’t see any means of redemption being offered. You struggle with your demons until you’re left to crawl underneath your bed in a heaving panic.


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