Look Back In

Rarely do I post instrumental tracks, but always there are exceptions. Basically, it’s hard for an instrumental to distinguish itself. If it’s on an album with vocal tracks, it’ll tend to serve as a palate cleanser, easily overlooked between more attention grabbing numbers. On an all-instrumental records, as with jazz (which I do appreciate and enjoy,  btw) the tracks kind of flow together and I perceive them as one, so it feels weird to take anything out of the context of the whole. There are, of course, albums where the  instrumental tracks have as much personality as the vocals; Low comes to mind. On 18, Moby did a great job interspersing vocals and instrumentals. In fact that album is outstanding in the way it balances a wide range of moods and styles. The songs are wildly different, ranging from moody and atmospheric chillwave to uptempo hip-hop to gospel and rock, but they all hang together cohesively. It’s a great example of well-deployed musical diversity. The amazing thing is, as well as working well as a whole, it breaks down too; each song is memorable outside its album context and stands alone happily. Even the instrumentals.

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