The Longest Road

Adventures in electronic music can often lead to a whole lot of mindlessness. Obviously, every genre of music has its share of crap to be waded through, and electronic is such a broad umbrella term that it covers more than its fair share of crap. But, in general, if you enjoy going to clubs and such, you can expect to see more talentless chumps who think they’re DJs than anyone with actual DJ skills or anything creative to contribute. That comes with electronica and everything underneath its umbrella being very popular at this point in time. However, there’s always a chance of discovering something memorable, and there have been enough hit songs that made an impression and stuck to make wading through all the other muck worthwhile. Every once in a while, searching through a collection of DJ-based music, expecting nothing, you hear a surprise, like a really great vocal performance. The showcasing of vocalists is an unexpected upside in this field. So it is with Morgan Page and Lissie. Neither of those people meant anything to me before I heard this song on Pandora, but clearly they’re a great match of interesting voice and well executed production. This is one of those times when club music gives birth to something great, something that can thrive outside of a club environment and holds up as a song on its own merits, even if you’re not high on MDMA.

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