Day: July 17, 2014

A Long Time Ago

Let’s take a moment to remember that time in 1994 when David Byrne had long flowing waves of hair. I had quite forgotten about that, but yes, it happened. Oh, and I guess he also made an album that year that I think was one of his best. One of my favorites from his solo years, if a bit mournful. Byrne’s songwriting is so diverse I couldn’t pin him down as having an exact point of view. Rather he does, and it’s his own and it’s as eccentric and map-hopping as his interests. Overall, I would say Byrne is known for being lyrically cryptic, and the first thing I would point to is his sense of humor. Many of his songs are very funny, but there’s also a lot of melancholy and alienation running beneath. David Byrne, the album, I think was uncharacteristically quite gloomy, and not very humorous. It was very beautifully gloomy and had great thoughtful lyrics, but there weren’t many jokes lying about to leaven it. Maybe he was having a rough personal time?