Day: July 13, 2014

Long Division

First of all, whatever this song is about, isn’t math. But I don’t know what it’s about and you can think about it on your own if you want. The other thing; the Death Cab For Cutie tag on Tumblr should be stayed away from. Because I didn’t see any actual Death Cab photos or related info – it’s like an emo time capsule from, like, the early 2000’s. Is emo still considered a thing? How can this be?  I feel old. Or it was more like post-emo soft-grunge, or whatever label teenagers who like feeling sorry for themselves now consider au courant. I feel sorry for myself very much, but I don’t write loopy cursive quotes of pop songs and paste them on top of stock photo landscapes and label it #inspiration. That’s because I’m an adult and I deal with my angst the adult way. Getting ass-flat wasted in the afternoon. Sorry, emo kids, I know this joke is ten years behind its sell-by date.