Lonely At The Top

I love Mick Jagger, but I have to admit, 1985 was not kind to him. Though I suppose it was his own fault he looked ridiculous. I’m one of the few fans who support Jagger’s solo career, and think he put out some really good stuff. But I think that doing a solo gig at Live Aid was not the best move. It was weird and sad to see Jagger trying to do his stadium thing with Hall & Oates for backup. He just looked lonely and lost up there without his mates to bounce off of. Keith and Ronnie, meanwhile, showed up to jam with Bob Dylan, which must have been awkward. Playing backup for Dylan is a thousandfold more of an honor than being backed up by Hall & Oates. Just absolutely not even in the same ballpark in terms of status. That must have been embarrassing for Jagger, who cares about those kind of things. The Rolling Stones have not always got along or been the best of friends, but no one can deny what a great unit they are. Even when they hate one another, they have fantastic chemistry as a group of musicians who’ve perfected the art of playing together. Mick Jagger is capable of doing great things on his own or with other collaborators, and is completely within his rights to want to do so sometimes. But seeing him stripped of that great team, onstage in front of a stadium full of people…it’s just not the same magic.


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