London Town

Well, Paul McCartney’s vision of London is certainly very different from that of The Clash. A kinder, gentler London, one with more flutes and mimes in it. Paul McCartney and Wings, of course, did not occupy the same world as the denizens of punk. It was exactly the la-di-da’s of McCartney and similar artists that the punks were pissed off at. Today we can sit back and admit that everybody has their own merits, but back then the punk vs. pop dispute was pretty intense. We have similar disputes today, mostly among hipsters, but those arguments aren’t given the weight of historical importance. There’s no political significance to whether or not you like Top 40 pop radio or something cooler. Paul McCartney is about the total opposite of all things punk rock, but then on the other hand, in his own way, he’s super cool too.