Lon Lon Vadjro/Lonlon

More Angelique! Always more. You might get tired of her but I don’t.┬áBut I’m putting these two together. Because similar titles and whatnot. The first is actually one of my dearest favorites; it’s incredibly upbeat and has kind of a martial feel to it. Or so it seems to me. It’s a get-up-and-go song with a lot of energy, and I think Kidjo vocal is outstanding. The other is an arrangement of Ravel’s Bolero, which never, ever gets old. Although they were recorded more than a decade apart, they maintain a continuity. Kidjo has dabbled in a lot of styles over the years, forging a truly global sound, but she remains recognizable and consistent. Partly because her voice is remarkable, and of course, whatever genre she dips into, she puts her own mark on it.