As usual, I haven’t a clue what this song is about. But I trust that Angelique Kidjo always has a message of great positivity. Though I don’t know much about her, she seems like a very spiritual person, not of the didactic kind but the giving kind, if you know what I mean. I know that she is a dedicated activist and humanitarian, so she is a giver in the material sense. But I also feel like she is one of those people who gives in the spiritual sense just by radiating her own inner goodness. It’s something that comes out in her music, and her personal charisma is warm and embracing. I mean, a lot of people are charismatic the way alligators are charismatic; they won’t hesitate to eat you alive, but you can’t turn away from them anyway. While others have the power to give aid and comfort just by existing and projecting positive energy. I know that sounds New Age as fuck, and corny and stupid, but psychic forces are a thing, and some people have strong ones which they can use for good or for evil. Angelique Kidjo is a person who can make others feel good just hearing her voice, singing words we don’t understand. That’s an example of someone using their magic powers, otherwise known as talent, as a force of good in the world. Obviously, material activism doesn’t hurt either, but she wouldn’t have a platform for her activism if she didn’t have the innate ability to turn people’s heads and make them listen. Being a voice people want to listen to is an incredible power to have, and we should appreciate those who have it and use it to implement positive change in the world.


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