What’s wrong with the city of Lodi that John Fogerty hates it so much? Lodi is the self-styled Zinfandel Capital of The World, so it can’t be too of a place. Or maybe they’re talking about Lodi, New Jersey, in which case I can totally understand not wanting to be stuck there. No, plainly, the point of the song is not hating on Lodi or any other place; it’s about the travails of being a road musician. It sucks to be stuck anywhere when you’ve run out of money and no one wants to hear you play. Being in a touring band is hard even when you’re successful and making good money. When you’re not, it can be a long vacation in hell. It’s boring, stressful and exhausting. This is an ode to the struggling musicians who keep putting themselves out there with no guarantee of success, or basic remuneration, or even applause.


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