Locomotive Breath

I refuse to see how some people find Jethro Tull ridiculous. I like Ian Anderson’s style. I like to imagine that he goes to business meetings dressed like that. Although, given his current age, maybe some normal pants would be good. But in general, the depraved medieval peasant look is very cool and more people should adopt it as their own. And I also think that Ian Anderson is a very deep thinker and one of our great unappreciated songwriters, and yes, I take Jethro Tull very seriously. This song, however, is probably not one of his deepest ones. Infidelity is a pretty low target when you’re known for taking shots at the Anglican faith. But it’s still about the angst of the modern man, so it’s not exactly a fluffy-brained distraction either. It doesn’t bode well for our collective intellectual priorities when we label someone as ridiculous and pretentious because they put deep thoughts into all of their songs and don’t stoop to churning out generic love songs. Although dressing like the world’s most flamboyant medieval peasant might contribute to the ridiculous label, perhaps.


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