Shakira says “dance or die.” Come on, she dares you. You can say you hate pop music. You can say you hate Latin music (you racist you!) But if you don’t dance when Shakira tells you to, you must have something wrong with your brain, because this is musical crack for your brain cells and it’s designed to get you buzzed. I’m telling you, it’s literally impossible not to dance to this song every time you hear it and make pathetic attempts at singing along even though you don’t know a word of Spanish. And what sets the video apart from every other sexy pop star video? Well, just look at her smiling. She looks happy. Approachable, happy and fun are such underrated qualities in a pop star. So many stars act like being sexy and glamorous is a dull grind they only reluctantly put up with, presumably for the money. Shakira acts like she’s having fun. Like she actually enjoys being a sexy bellydance queen. As she so totally should.


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