Living Loving Maid

Now I know what Jimmy Page’s least favorite Led Zeppelin song is. What I don’t know is why. It’s definitely a cool song that rocks, but that’s probably not the criteria Page judges his own work on. Evidently, they wrote it about an annoying groupie (file under ‘things the members of Led Zeppelin would know a lot about’) so perhaps it brings back bad memories. Jimmy Page was a perv in his time so maybe this groupie’s crime was not being underage enough. I honestly don’t think I need to know the details. Being golden gods of depravity was kind of Led Zeppelin’s thing, and you can be turned on or skeeved out by it as you wish. In related news, Page and Plant have both confirmed to Rolling Stone that they are never, never, ever getting back together, because as Plant said with a strong hint of snark, he’s not bored enough to do so. I’m beginning to suspect those two don’t really like each other very much. I’ve heard lots of variously conflicting stories about why Led Zeppelin is never ever getting back together. Page and Plant not getting along is a popular hypothesis. Another, meaner, one is that Robert Plant won’t go on tour because he is no longer physically able to hit those high notes. Which is most likely true, but still mean to say. Another story I read, in no less a reputable source than Rolling Stone magazine, that after a brief one-off reunion Plant refused a tour so Page planned to get on the road with Steven Tyler as a replacement, but the plans fell through when Tyler declined out of respect for Plant. (Which totally makes me respect Steven Tyler more than I usually do.) What it looks like is Page and Plant have a wary love/hate relationship, and Plant just has too many cool projects he’d rather be doing instead of singing “hey hey mama” every night for a year, while Page has no cool projects and spends his time obsessively curating the Zeppelin back catalog. It’s in Rolling Stone, man.


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