Live and Let Die

If you ever get to attend a Paul McCartney concert (and I highly recommend that you do) be prepared – things will go boom. The McCartney team – at least on his last tour – invested in enough pyrotechnics to blow most Hollywood action movies out of the water. You might be thinking,  “But Paul McCartney is such a kind and gentle guy, he doesn’t make explosion-friendly music.” For the most part, no, he does not make music for blowing things up to. But he must have really wanted those fireballs, because he did find the perfect song for fiery spectacle. This song, let me remind you, was originally composed as the theme song for the James Bond film of the same title. Nothing goes together like James Bond and explosions. And McCartney has been using it as his cue to break out the lasers and assorted other wow-factors since the Wings era. It does seem that he’s outdone himself in sheer magnitude. It’s about as over-the-top an indoor fireworks display as money can buy. If you’re wondering why someone of McCartney’s clout and serious stature would resort to gimmicky things like controlled explosions, well, I’m guessing because it’s a helluva lot of fun. McCartney has been a professional touring musician since before most of us were born – he knows how to put on a show, with or without visual gimmickry. McCartney could put on a breathtaking show standing alone on a milk crate, so of course he doesn’t need to blow shit up to get people’s attention. The only reason he’s still touring is because he loves to play, and he wants to have the maximum amount of fun. He wants his fans to have the maximum amount of fun. What you’re seeing on that stage is an artist with the means to do whatever he wants, just having a literal blast putting on a show.


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