Little People Make Big Mistakes

I didn’t realize this song was so short. I’ve always thought it was a rather profound sentiment, and in my head I imagined it as longer and more well elaborated. But I guess that a few simple lines that capture a basic truth don’t necessarily need to be elaborated upon or repeated for a long time. Timbuk 3, my favorite underrated underdogs, are better known for their satirical side, if they’re known at all, but I also love their perceptiveness. Being perceptive is, of course, instrumental for being a good satirist. It would be pretty hard to make humorous jabs at the absurdity of the world if you’re not capable of noticing it in the first place. Being a good observer of human absurdity can also lead to places both sad and inspiring. I truly love the simplicity of this song. It really brings everything down into a very basic perspective; so much of the tragedy we see around us comes down to ordinary people making the biggest mistakes of their lives. You only have to fuck up once, really hard, to send your life on a path you didn’t anticipate and can’t get off of. How easy it is to make a mistake,  how difficult it is to correct it, and how impossible it is to foresee repercussions.


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