Little People

Speaking of awesome videos, here is a fan-made gem that probably cost no more than that stack of quarters. The White Stripes’ graphic style is not hard to copy, admittedly, but there’s more to it than the color scheme. I think this is very much in their spirit and nicely referential. They’ve done stop-motion in their video on a much larger scale, and also have used cute little dolls to represent themselves, so all of those elements are straight off the old apple tree, so to speak. But I’m guessing The White Stripes didn’t have much of a video budget for their first album, so they didn’t make any. That first record was a masterful breakthrough, a clear statement of artistic intent signalling the arrival of a fully-formed vision. That is sounded very much homemade a big part of both its charm and its importance. It was charming because it was so clearly made with love, and it was important in that it showed just how visionary two dedicated people with minimal resources could be. So it’s only fair and appropriate that it would inspire a handmade homage.


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