Little Motel

This song and video made me dwell on a number of different things. First thing I thought of was how I really like the intro here. Intros are so often underappreciated. Unless they’re very dramatic, we tend to tune them out. We forget to notice a subtle intro. If we happen to be hearing a song on the radio, very often the intro gets cut off. DJs will either cue a song to begin at a dramatic part, or they will blabber over an intro, which drives me insane. It’s nice to sit down and patiently listen to the every minute of a song, especially if it starts of quietly. Those bits are important and the artist put them there for a reason. The second thing I thought of is, it’s nice to appreciate the quieter work of Modest Mouse. Some of their songs are kind of abrasive. Not in a bad way, but in an eccentric way that, for lack of better descriptives, makes their songs sound oddly-shaped. But they also have many very beautiful, soothing and thoughtful quiet ballads, which get overlooked in favor of catchier things. So this is a lovely song that doesn’t get official greatest-hit status but remains a favorite. And thirdly, the video is a masterful example of the backwards narrative. At first I didn’t even realize it was spooling backwards, but then it struck me and made me follow the narrative more intently. And I like that it suits the tone of the song, Images and sounds should complement one another.


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