Little Lion Man

Hey, don’t knock it just because it’s a popular hipster hit. It’s a good song! I don’t usually apologize for my song choices, but including Mumford & Sons makes me feel weird. Partly because this is one of only two songs of theirs that I like, and I don’t make it a policy to promote people I’m not that big a fan of. The other part of my discomfort is that they’re a band I can’t quite get a bead on. What are they supposed to be, exactly? They’re not real roots revivalists; they’re way too slick for that. They’re not real hipsters, because the hippest hipsters eschew them. They’re a little too tweedy and weird to be truly part of the mainstream. They’re not weird enough to be true eccentrics. They’re like, faux-hipsters, if such an oxymoronic thing could even exist. It’s like they’re hipster darlings re-branded for the outlet mall demographic. I’m afraid I might have to declare faux-hipster a thing now. I never thought it would come to this! Nonetheless, I truly do enjoy this particular song, and there’s no shame in that.


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