Little Girl Lies

Punk rock is very hazardous to your head. Especially Blondie. You need only look at Debbie Harry to see she’s nothing but bad news. Well, plenty of people grew up with punk rock and the world hasn’t imploded, though many eardrums took a beating. And Debbie Harry is about as good a role model as you could ask for. I guess the first thing Blondie is famous for, besides those glamorous Debbie looks, is how flawlessly they melded punk with pop. But the CBGB-approved disco of their biggest hits, exhilarating as it is, isn’t the whole story. They started by first mastering the fast and reckless two-minute rock song, the most basic unit from which every point on the rock and roll map can be traced back to. But they never played anything without their signature cheekiness. That cheekiness that is the second most famous thing about Blondie, their sending-up of pop music convention and Debbie’s ironic interpretation of old girlie tropes.


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