Little Boy in Corduroy

“Save a sunny wish for a rainy day”

For the wee little ones. There’s no question that this song is a children’s song. Like a lot of Donovan’s songs, actually. I almost think of Donovan as a children’s singer in general. That is absolutely not to belittle him or lump him in with the absolute horrific crap that is marketed as ‘children’s music’. So much so-called ‘children’s entertainment’ seems to be built around the assumption that children are total morons. Though, admittedly, I have none of my own and haven’t been around anyone that does, so it’s hard to make a clear judgement, but it does appear that people raising kids have to contend with oceans of products designed for the apparent entertainment of monkeys, not small humans. To make it clear, Donovan does not belong in that category. He’s a serious musician and an important one, obviously. I’m just making the point that there’s something about his music that seems very appealing to the innocent and young; a playfulness, a sense of wonder, a lack of cynicism, and no overt adultiness. Playful and fun and easy to understand; those things are appealing to kids, and also any adults who aren’t too withered by ennui to enjoy songs about talking crabs. I’ve often talked about how much I like darkness, and I like depravity sometimes, and I like Nick Cave way too much, but musical enjoyment doesn’t always have to be murder ballads. You have to balance those things out. With songs about making wishes.


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