Little Bird

Every White Stripes album has a song with the word ‘little’ in the title and this is the one from De Stijl. There’s a noticeable progression in the three years intervening. This has a definite cobbled together in the garage vibe that has faded since The White Stripes became more sophisticated and gained access to nicer toys. Although everything Jack White does, to this day, still smells of the garage, so to speak, it’s become more expertly welded than cobbled together on the fly. And it has been long enough that I can legitimately begin to feel nostalgic about the first two or three White Stripes records. Despite the fact that I never heard any of them until Elephant. But I heard rumors of them, or I heard of them, or I heard rumors that somewhere in the world of music a turn for the better was forming and a couple of weirdo in red from Detroit were spearheading it. That itself was legitimately world-changing, and not just for me in my little corner of it. So lest we forget somehow, this ratty little garage duo came out of nowhere and changed the world.


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