Little Acorns

Every White Stripes album has a song with the word ‘little’ in the title; this is the one from Elephant. One of their many lovable eccentricities. This also the most inspiring and uplifting White Stripes song. That or it’s the most ironically satirical of all things inspiring and uplifting. The opening monologue is by the broadcast journalist Mort Crim; whether the Stripes commissioned it or just stumbled on it and thought it was cool, I don’t know for sure, although I’ve heard that the snippet just happened to be on a tape that they were about to record over. Either way, it’s very motivational in a slightly fusty 1950ish sort of way. The song itself appears to be ripping into the neat idea that you can motivate yourself out of despondency by taking simple and easy steps. On the other hand, the apparent irony in the song doesn’t stop the little opening salvo being effectively motivational. It may be that the juxtaposition of those contrary elements is purposely, and effectively, designed to form a perfect balance of message and counter-message. And overall, the message is a positive one that you can take home and call upon when need be.


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