The Line (Sãeta)

There is something truly terrifying about this song. Nico’s music tends to be frightening overall. She was a morose person who poured a lot of herself into her music, but declined to explain what any of it meant. A lot of her life is cloaked in mystery; she didn’t care to speak of it very much, and when she did speak of herself it was hard to tell if she was serious or, in her inscrutable way, just trolling. Did she really take acting classes with Marilyn Monroe? What happened to her during the war? What was she up to in Ibiza before she died? We’ll never know. She kept a lot of secrets. We do know that her life was no ordinary one, nor was it easy or happy, and she carried a lot of demons. So when she envisions herself as an all powerful ruler who can offer to fill every need – at a price – the vision is a disturbing one. She would know about rulers powerful and seductive; she’d experienced a few, from her childhood in Nazi Germany, to the years she spent consumed by heroin addiction. Whatever it means or refers to, Nico’s vision was always very personal. So personal she felt no need to offer any explanation for it. All she did was share it, with what small number wanted to hear.


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