Cat Stevens with cats! Cat Stevens with cats! In the sixties, obviously, when literal-minded publicists made their wards pose in undignified ‘funny’ situations. Luckily for him, Stevens wasn’t all that popular in the sixties, so he didn’t have to spend too much time being goofy and cute amid piles of kittens. Although posing with piles of kittens sounds like pure heaven on earth. The problem isn’t the kittens, it’s the goofiness. Cat Stevens is a serious artists who demands to be taken seriously, dammit. Or he re-positioned himself as such in the seventies and soared to success as a mild-mannered dreamboat. Today he remains a role model for sensitive singer-songwriters with beards; I like to think of them as sensitive-beard types. And this song here is very much a sensitive-beard song. You can imagine this coming on some college radio station or being on the soundtrack of a movie about teenagers in love. Sensitive-beard music may go out of style sometimes, but it always comes back around.


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