Lighten Up, Morrissey

“If only Morrissey weren’t so Morrisseyesque, she might overlook all my flaws”

You know who has a great sense of humor about himself? Morrissey does. Why do you think he lets his friends get away with the things they say to him? He knows he’s kind of ridiculous sometimes and fun to make fun of. As a lifelong Sparks fan, he loved this joking tribute so much he took it on tour with him. It’s a regular part of his cherry-picked opening PA music mix. Russell and Ron Mael are great satirists who never met a musical genre they couldn’t make a note-perfect parody of, but they are not the type to make mean-spirited jokes. They pastiche different musical trends only to make them sillier and more fun, and they find humor in the fallacies of the human condition. They sing about deluded lovers a lot. So they’re not really making jest of Morrissey himself, who is their friend and former fan club president, but rather targeting his starry-eyed fandom. The joke is on the delusions of the fan, who wants to find her hero in everyone and gets frustrated when she doesn’t, and it’s also the delusion of the misguided lover, who wants to blame his own inadequacies and failure to score on a pop star. The joke is that everyone is delusional and misguided when it comes to love, but they just can’t help sabotaging themselves over and over again. That joke has also been Morrissey’s message all along, if you’ve been paying him attention, and you can see in that sense why he finds the Mael brothers to be kindred spirits.


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