Lifetime Piling up

First of all, let me pause and say that it feels like the last few weeks have just seen a series of outstandingly good songs. I know that I always post good songs, or at least interestingly worthy ones. But it seems like lately there have been so many songs that have been too magnificent for me to really bring any criticism to. That’s apropos of nothing, really. Apropos this song though… Rather, this song is apropos a lot things. I feel like it’s kind of appropriately rueful for considering the passage of time. Lifetime, as David Byrne says, really does pile up over the years. Perhaps not coincidentally, it’s one of the last Talking Heads songs, a demo from the late 80’s that wasn’t properly finished until 1992. What mood David Byrne was in during those years I have no idea, and maybe it was just his philosophical side talking, but it does feel like the kind of song one would come up with when one is going through or considering going through life changes and are feeling the urge to take stock of life in general. Or even more likely, it’s my own feeling of taking stock and watching the lifetime pile up behind me.


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