Life On Mars?

Here’s to everyone who’s ever looked into those asymmetrical eyes and had a religious epiphany. David Bowie does that to people, in a way that no else does. Thus, the not insubstantial number of people who seriously consider him some sort of divinity. You may not agree (I do) but it’s hard to view something like this video and not feel a sense of awe. If nothing else you have to be awestruck by Bowie’s genius for visual pageantry. This is iconography in the most literal sense. It’s an image that has been and will continue to be remembered, and repeated for as long as we continue to worship images of beauty. The look has been copied often enough. The powder blue suit has been displayed in museums, trotted out for Vogue photoshoots (where it was taken out to accommodate that notorious lardbucket Kate Moss), and of course, reiterated by an infinity of acolytes. You really can’t overestimate the impact.


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