Life Is Strange

So apparently this song was featured in a key scene in Dallas Buyers’ Club (a movie I haven’t seen yet) and now everyone knows about it. Whether this is good news or bad news I don’t know yet. It would seem to be good news in the sense that being in a big famous movie is good publicity and anything that could lead more people towards T.Rextasy is wonderful. On the other hand, if the movie is not a good one, that’s bad publicity, because being associated with a shitty movie has a negative impact on the desire to find and hear more. Sometimes I really hate to hear a song I like in a movie, because it’s not presented respectfully. On the other hand, sometimes I hear an obscure awesome song I love when I least expect it, and it’s like a little message from the filmmakers, like, we’re both in on this thing that nobody else will ever get. I guess that’s a very obnoxious hipster attitude to have; you can’t use these songs in these movies unless they’re the right kind of movies aimed at the right kind of people. If you hear a song you like in a movie you should find out what it is and maybe discover something new. That should be great and positive regardless of the goodness of the movie. What I’m saying is, I have no idea how good this particular movie is or if I’ll love it or hate it, but it’s helping people discover T.Rex.


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