Life Is Hard

“Can’t get to heaven on rollerskates, can’t take a taxicab to Timbuktu.”

Yes, life is fucking hard. It’s a real downer sometimes. One of the things Timbuk 3 has always done best is point out the many ways in which life can be hard, not in an angry or bitter way, but with a kind of resigned humor. Many of their songs are satirical, from the very broadly brushed Assholes On Parade to the mournful Standard White Jesus. There’s definitely a deep humanist quality to Pat MacDonald’s writing; he turns a sympathetic eye on every-schmucks who buy their dinner at the 7Eleven, the homeless guys who eat theirs out of the dumpster, the deluded college boys who think their future is bright, the sad sacks who missed their big chance and are just getting by. It’s long been one of my pet peeves that Timbuk 3 has remained so underrated and obscure. It would be nice to see them rediscovered, and to see MacDonald get some long ago earned praise as a songwriter. That doesn’t look like it’s about to happen, but I’m doing my tiny bit to remind the world what a great little batch of songs they produced in their short time together.


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