The Life

Gary Clark Jr’s star keeps rising, if all the pictures of him hanging out with Keith Richards and Jimmy Page are any indication. As if you needed such endorsements to know he was going places. Here in Austin he’s a hometown hero, and a big draw. Luckily he’s still playing small, intimate – but very densely packed – venues, of the sort where the front row is pressed directly against the stage and could easily reach out and touch  the star’s shoes. Despite being hailed (rightly) as one of the most promising talents of his generation, Clark maintains the affable demeanor of a neighborhood kid just doing his thing. He’s not given to narcissistic rock star stage posturing. He doesn’t appear to have the “See how great I am!” attitude of so many rock stars. What he is given to is inviting old friends and young family members on stage to jam, and it feels like everyone’s just having a great time together. With his signature beanie and beat up old boots, he looks like an unassuming dude, except then he starts to play, and you can hear the past and future of blues music coming together. But if feels completely natural, like he’s just there to enjoy himself and the greatness just happens to flow out. He’s also the kind of person who remembers your name and then finds you on Facebook. True story, this really happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. It looks like on top everything else, Gary Clark Jr is simply a nice, chill person, someone who does what he does because he loves it, not someone who’s out to prove something or score all the rock star points or make the more money than anyone ever or any of the other shallow things that some others pursue.


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