To be honest, I never quite got this song. I couldn’t figure out, based on the lyrics, if this Levon character truly was supposed to be a good man. He doesn’t sound like all that nice of a man, but then it says that he is. On the other hand, Elton and Bernie used the name in honor of Levon Helm, who they were big fans of, and who was, by all accounts, a pretty cool dude. But any doubts about whether ‘Levon’ is a good man or not were decisively put to rest when Elton John gave that name to his firstborn son. Naming a  firstborn child is one of the most exciting and fraught moments in a person’s life, and not to be taken lightly. So no doubt Elton John and David Furnish thought hard to come up with the most meaningful name for their son. They named their first baby Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John (and their second Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.) And frankly, the fact that they found the name Levon meaningful enough to give to their child makes the song more meaningful for me, as a fan. I realize that they didn’t just pick that name because it happened to be one of Elton’s songs, and they probably didn’t pick the name Daniel just because it was another one of his songs. Those choices show that those songs are somehow special to the singer, maybe in ways that we’ll never get to know about. One thing is certain; Elton John couldn’t have imagined, when he recorded this song in 1971, that he was creating a tribute to his future son and the happy family he would find his way to having. 


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