Seeing The Raconteurs play live was a real, how you say… face melting experience. Not just because of the Tennessee heat or the hunger pains. It was one of those performances that beg for flamboyant metaphor. Scorching. Impassioned.  It was hot, shall we say. I think this song is one of their best and the video gives a good glimpse into their performance dynamic. Jack White is amazing in that he’s both a leader and a team player. He’s a visionary who’s built an empire based on his own quirky tastes, and he draws a lot of amazing people into his orbit. The other side of being that kind of charismatic figure that others want to flock to is generosity and a willingness to give credit and share the spotlight. White orchestrates and pulls together great teams, but it wouldn’t work or be memorable if everyone didn’t get the chance to shine and contribute their own flavor. He takes as much as he gives, or vice versa. The point is, each Jack White project is more than just a ‘Jack White Project’. Each one feels like a team effort, and reflects the talents and personalities of everyone involved. With the Raconteurs, you can feel Brendan Benson’s touch very strongly, especially in the lighter, more melodic numbers. Here, the impressive thing is watching him and Jack trading vocals, echoing each other, fading in and out of harmony. It’s like vocal ping pong. It feels very playful, all in the spirit of a friendly jam. It’s a special treat to see a group of passionate musicians just jam out like that. They’re both very serious about it, and very joyful. That’s what a great collaboration is all about; the sheer enjoyment of sharing music together.


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