Let’s Stick Together

That’s a concise little bio up there. All you need to know really; musical perfectionist and supreme stylist, indeed. You’ll find evidence of both those things in the video below. The supreme stylist wears one of his signature creamy suits and a smutty little mustache. Bryan Ferry dances like a white guy, but that hardly detracts from his suavity. One top of that there’s a cameo quest appearance by Jerry Hall, Ferry’s inamorata at the time, and the single greatest embodiment of jet-set seventies glamour. It’s also Hall – a Texan – doing the all hootin’ and hollerin’ in the song. Underneath all the makeup and leopard outfits, she was always a country girl at heart. By her account, Ferry found her country ways embarrassing, but I guess he found her yee-haws charming enough to include in his song. As for the song; it’s one of Ferry’s biggest hits, at least homeside, and was originally a small hit for blues singer Wilbert Harrison, although with a completely different set of lyrics.

(Photo via Roxy-Ladytron)


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