Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above

I believe that Cansei de ser Sexy, the 2005 debut of CSS, is one of the most important albums of the decade. For me, it’s a record I will continue coming back to for years to come, and that makes it a classic in my book. The thing that made that record so special, which is missing from their later albums, is their adorable amateurishness. Though all of the rest of their albums have been good, and they continue to be a very fun live band, CSS has, inevitably, become increasingly polished and professional. They sound like a really good band who know what they’re doing, which is a great thing to be. But on their debut they sounded like a group of amateurs who stumbled into greatness, all while having a total blast. It was evident in their obviously homemade videos, their unpolished image, the palpable sense of friendship and fun they gave off, and the totally irreverent witty silliness of their music. It’s great that they’ve found wide success since then, and I think Lovefoxxx deserves her status as a hipster queen cult icon. You can only make one first album, after all. The fact that everything about this particular first album sounds thrown together on the fly, probably after imbibing a few rounds, is part of what makes it the best thing ever. Who is Death From Above? I don’t know. But it takes a special kind of mind, and a special set of circumstances to come up with a song like this one. This song and the others beside it could only have come from a group with nothing to lose, a group who only wants to have fun, and doesn’t have to worry about the entire world breathing down their necks.


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