Let There Be More Light

The funniest thing about old sixties TV clips like this one; the ever present crowds of extremely fashionable and deeply bored looking women attempting to dance to music that is plainly not designed to be danced to. Pink Floyd is not a band to be danced to. Now, I can see how their music might be agreeable to flail around to if you’re out of your mind on drugs. Even then, it’s not the ideal music for drug-induced flailing. It’s more suited for drug-induced becoming one with the couch sort of thing. If anyone, ever, has danced to Pink Floyd while not in a drug-induced state of uncontrollable flailing, I will eat this questionable looking mushroom. In fact I will eat this mushroom either way. Hahaha, just kidding, I don’t have any mushrooms of either the questionable or vouchsafed kind. Does anyone know where I can get some? Haha. That was entirely off topic. I was about to say, before I started thinking about how good a combination of Pink Floyd and mind-expanding drugs would be right about now, that those nice ladies in the French TV clip were almost certainly ordered in bulk from a casting agency and paid handsomely well to wiggle listlessly whilst looking bored out of their minds. The blonde one does appear to be having a good time. Maybe she actually likes Pink Floyd. That or the drugs she took were not the same ones everyone else did.


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