Let the Children Play

You wouldn’t normally take parenting advice from a man who borrowed his stage name from a racehorse, but bear with me. Eek-A-Mouse is making a very simple and basic point. Just leave those kids the fuck alone, they’ll be alright. Sounds like a complete no-brainer, right? This from 1991, before ‘helicopter parenting’ became a thing (is it really a thing though? I think the media just thinks it’s a thing because a handful of rich people do it.) Maybe a few people really need to hear this advice? Makes sense to me. And not just with kids, either. You can extend it into a broader message of ‘just leave everyone the fuck alone’. Because so many of the world’s problems seem to stem from nosy types who insist on pushing themselves and their own agenda where they’re not welcome. How much better off would we all be if more people would just withhold their ‘helpful’ opinions and let everyone just play and live life however they feel like?


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